Why Does Native Advertising Work?

The main reason why native advertising has proven to be a very effective way of digital advertising for many small businesses: Is because native ads are better received by their target audience.

This makes native ads highly effective for driving ad clicks and conversions to small business owners’ offers or e-commerce products.

Native ads are well-liked and overall a preferable advertising medium to many website visitors. This is by large because native advertising promotes and highlights targeted content that website visitors are more likely to consume over traditional advertising, such as banner ads.


Native Advertising is Nonintrusive


We already know, one of the major benefits of native advertising is that they help promote brand’s and marketers’ content and helps to build the brand message across your entire target audience in a non-intrusive manner. Native Advertising flows seamlessly with the other content on a website allowing the advertising message to be shown to visitors without interfering with the visitor’s journey. Doing such native ads help small businesses gain more exposure effectively for less money.

Unlike traditional advertising – which is generally a handful of graphics or static images that are often overly annoying to website visitors, and subsequently ignored. Native advertising is highly effective because it places your brand message or your brand offer in front of visitors at the critical moment when they’re in the discovery phase of the customer journey. So, by using native ads in placing targeted content in front of your prospects during the discovery portion of their journey – brands build credibility, and awareness and become seen as, experts within their niche.


Native Advertising Cures Banner Blindness


So many consumers have contracted banner blindness and it’s become a very serious issue for businesses of all sizes. However, native advertising breaks through the barrier of banner blindness and poor-performing banner display ads by offering marketers a much better; more relevant way to deliver online advertising. The reason is that native advertising aligns better with the interest of their target audiences. Because native advertising is so relevant, they make it easier for website visitors to view them and for those visitors to interact with the adverts – creating a win-win for both the marketer and the consumer.


So, native advertising avoids the causes of banner blindness. Which ends up leading to much higher ROI on your advertising campaigns – We’ve seen as much as a 60% higher click-through rate when small businesses use native advertising to promote their products and services.


Straight to the Point – Native advertising works!


The beauty of Native advertising is that it’s beneficial to both the small business marketer and the consumer. As it provides a non-intrusive way for marketers to expose readers to sponsored content that may interest them, and thus allows marketers an effective way to target and connect with their potential customers.

Are you using native advertising? If not, remember this – The small business owners, digital marketers, and brands that are deploying a native advertising strategy within their marketing mix – are seeing and reaping its rewards with higher conversion rates, increased sales, and increased brand awareness.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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